Coming Down To Earth

Like most of the people in America  this past weekend, I saw Gravity. It was easily one the most intense, gripping and suspenseful movie I’ve seen this year, I of course saw it on the IMAX. As I walked out of the movie theater I couldn’t help but think of one thing. Yes, it was a great movie, yes it had me on the edge of my seat. But what really sold me about the movie was the experience. The IMAX experience is amazing, the sound, the 3D. It was a fantastic experience, I know that if I were to watch gravity on dvd. I would enjoy it, but it just wouldn’t be the same experience.

At the age of twenty-three I’ve come to that stage in my life where hanging out with my “parents” is no longer an uncool thing to do, in fact I enjoy it. My parents are relatively young for their age, Someday though they wont be the same age and to be quite honest, they wont be the same people. Whether it’s for better or worst, only time will tell.  My experience with them twenty years from now wont be the same that it is now. Enjoy these moments of your life now, you may be able to do them  later on. It just wont be the same, Hang out with your family, let go of that bitterness you have against someone. Life’s to short to pass by all the experiences you could have with people over something useless.

I lost my brother when I was eleven years old, We got into our fair share of fights in that short amount of time, but i always spent as much time with him as possible. Those are experiences that i will never forget. I’m not saying something awful is going to happen to someone you know, I’m just trying to tell you that life isn’t forever and neither are any of day-to-day scenarios. Different seasons come and go thru our life, some people stay for the long run and some people move on to  different seasons of their life.

Gravity will be in the IMAX for about another three weeks, then it will be gone. I plan on seeing it again this upcoming Sunday, it sounds crazy I know. Save your money, wait for it on dvd, download it. I could do all of those things, but it wont be the same experience, the way I felt watching it, how it captured me, the overpowering sound effects. I can only get that experience for a limited time and then it will be gone. Be with the people you care about, call them even if they don’t call you,  buy them dinner, Give them an experience they’ll never forget.

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