It wasn’t meant for you

I like many others do not like looking at photos of my self, can’t stand it. Don’t even get me started on videos. I have this perception of myself when i walk outside my house. I believe I look confident, strong, ready and willing to take on the world. But that’s not the person I see in those pictures, I see a weird, goofy looking image of myself. When I hear my voice on video, I think who the hell is that? Do i really sound that bad? When I inform other people of my self inquires they say the usual things “it’s all in your head”. “you look fine” ,”you sound fine”. That’s when I realized something, My voice, my looks, my smile, my laugh. Those things, they weren’t meant for me. They were meant for everyone else.

No matter who you are we have all at some point struggled with insecurity. Am i not good enough? i could never do those things that other people can do. I’ll never look that good. But what if i told you that you can do those things. That you do look “fine” in those photos, your voice doesn’t sound weird to anyone else. Human beings are first person creatures for a reason, were meant to take in everything and everyone else, not to constantly be checking ourselves out.

All those different personalities you surround yourself with on a daily basis, all those awesome friends of yours with their quirks and those faces they make. Your one of those people to someone, you have a smile that cheers somebody up You have a laugh that people love to hear, you have a face that someone loves to see. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t like the way your picture came out, don’t feel insecure if you think your voice sounds weird. Everything about is exactly how it should be.

I’ve gotten over having to look at myself on camera, because I understand something now. Everything about me wasn’t made for me. So when those moments of insecurity come over you, don’t worry about it. You may never be able to look at a picture of yourself and say “wow, I love the way I look”. but that’s okay, because it was never meant for you

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