A Strange New World

As I laid my head to rest last night, only then did I realize what I was getting myself into. Who is this person I’m becoming? If you’re a little bit lost about what I’m talking about don’t worry, I’ll inform you. I just launched my own kick starter campaign. It’s a new age “Crowd Funding” website. In simple terms, if people like you enough or believe in you enough. They give you money to help you do whatever project you want to do. To me, it’s basically jumping on top of a table in a busy restaurant and screaming ” What do you think of me! Am I good enough?!” This is the crazy person I’m becoming. I was entering a strange new world and I absolutely loved it.

I’ve dreamed of being a part of the Hollywood dream since i was eleven years old. I wanted to be an actor! I wanted to be a writer! I wanted to be a director! I want it all. I knew how i would do it to, I would move to Los Angeles, become a well-known actor. Then people would notice me, maybe work on my writing skills and after about three years or so. Then move on to become a director. A triple threat, that’s what people would think about me. I tried to move to Los Angeles three years ago. I didn’t even make it out of the state. My grandma use to say “When you make plans, God laughs.” Well if that’s true, his sides must be hurting by now.

Is the person who throws away a cushy job for their passion a fool? Is the man who looks at the love of his life and says he wants no one else an idiot? I Sold everything, I quit my job to move to Los Angeles. I ended back at my parents house, alone, scared and hopeless.  I wasn’t a triple threat, I was a slave who thought he could break his chains and gain freedom. They say death is the greatest threat of mankind, I think complacency is. I didn’t want a normal life, I didn’t want a nine to five job. I want people to wonder why I’m screaming in the middle of room and wonder what it feels like.

I’ve made a fool of myself countless times, I’ve screamed in the middle of the room, I’ve failed so many times. I hope people think im crazy, God knows I don’t want to be boring. As I laid my head to rest last night, the person I wanted to become,  he already lives inside of me. This crazy “thing” im getting myself into. It’s not the first time it’s happened and it wont be the last. I may not have made it to Los Angles,  but that’s okay. I learned something much more important. I am the guy on the table, I would walk to the ledge of the cliff just to see if I had the courage. I may or may not raise this money, even if I don’t it doesn’t matter. I just need to that I was crazy enough to do it.

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