The never ending war

As long as man has been around, war has always followed. Religion, pride, or greed, those are just some of the reasons. Wars are bloody,brutal and merciless. Most people wont ever have the experience of being in a war, they’ll never know the feeling of fighting another human being to the death. What it’s like to be in the trenches watching your friends and allies drop like flies. Don’t confuse yourself though, there is a war happening that your apart of everyday. You’re at war, a war you’ll fight everyday until you die. A war with yourself.

You wake up in the trenches every morning, you have to drag yourself out. Dodge the bullets of insecurity, avoid the landmines of self-defeat. You have to make the choice to get up everyday and drag yourself thru the trenches. No one else is going to do it for you, look to the left and the right of you and you’ll see your brother and sisters in arms fighting their way thru the trenches as well. Don’t lose heart though, some make it to the other side and overtake the fort. Some.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll magically make it to the other side, you wont. You see people everyday who haven’t made it to the other side and who never will. I was and still am at war with myself everyday, the only difference is now I’m aware of it. Not sure if that makes it any better, but its a start. As I finish the rest of this blog, I tell you in all honesty that I have to remind myself of this everyday. Mood swings plague my days, Depression flies over my head, Failure stabs me in the back.

I am a constant reminder of my failures, of my faults. I’ve come to far to let go. Bullet wounds can be healed, infected limbs can be amputated. Everyday you wake up is a victory, if your upset because your life isn’t where you would like it to be, Rejoice. That means you have ambitions. No one ever woke you up one day and said “Be happy! Life is easy, success will happen overnight!”. If someone ever said that, they lied. Drag yourself across the trenches, no matter what. Inch by inch, year by year. Whatever it takes, you’ll make it there. Bruised, bloody and weak. You’ll overthrow the fort.

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