Laugh until it hurts

Netflix is my best friend and my worst enemy, I recently started watching more documentaries. Probably a good decision since im trying to make my own. I stumbled upon a documentary called “Bully”. A documentary about bullies (duh). I didn’t really think much about it, so I turned it on and as the movie kept progressing, I realized how much this hit home for me. I had my fair share of being bullied and sadly I also bullied people myself. As I kept watching it made me thin more about life. It made me for lack of  a better term, sad. Two of my friends came over while I was in the middle of this heartbreaking film. Just as I thought, they started to feel the same way I was feeling. Then something happened, they cracked a joke.

A joke?! How could you joke while watching something so awful, stories of children killing themselves. Stories of rejection, heartache and loss. There is nothing funny about any of this. I’m sure if you were to walk up to any of those parents in that movie and crack a joke about their situation, they would clock you in the face. Humor has always been considered a mystery throughout the ages, different cultures will justify it with certain things, some say it’s a gift from god. Others will go into full detail of all the neurons going off in your brain and what causes your taste in humor. I believe humor is a survival intact, just like any other instinct. We need it to be part of our daily regimen to survive, just because someone passes away do you stop eating? If anything you indulge more to help you get thru it.

I’ve had my fair share of tragedy’s happen in my life, but I still consider my self a pretty joyful person. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a sense humor! I probably would have jumped off a bridge a long time ago. I meet so many people who don’t take time out of their day to laugh, they have more important things to do. Work, food, sleep, repeat, have you ever thought about making laughter a priority? Life can be so bleak sometimes, its hard to find something funny. Whenever I have friends over to watch a movie I generally aim towards the comedy section. Why the hell would I want to watch a drama? Every day I wake up I have drama, some days can be completely devoid of humor…unless I seek it out.

Pursue laughter by any means necessary, sacrifice that “perfect” dinner you wanted to cook for a night out with friends. Watch a stand up comedy instead of that dark new drama on tv. Laughter is like any other instinct you have in your body, it comes naturally. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, but trust me it lives and breathes inside of you. Next time something awful happens to you, just start laughing. Laugh when you don’t feel like it, laugh while you hurt. Most importantly, laugh until it hurts.

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