Stick it out

I think everyone should spend an entire day with someone, maybe someone you’re not too familiar with. Someone that you don’t like. Someone that you try so hard to understand, but you don’t think you’ll ever be able to relate to them. I know you’re thinking, that’s insane. I would never do that to myself, I would much rather avoid that in the grand scheme of my life. There in lies the problem with our generation and that type of thinking in general. We refuse to get to know people, we refuse to even try to get to know people. An entire day is a long time to be with someone, hell it’s a long time to be with yourself. A lot happens in a day, emotions come and go. Joy and pain can be shared throughout an entire day. Most people will tell you “not a lot happens in  day”. Which technically their right, not a lot happens in day, on the outside.

Working at Starbucks, I deal with a vast amount of people coming in and out about their daily routines. Some of the people I like and some of them, I do not. Now the reason I don’t like some of them are valid, well at least to me. The reason I don’t like others are not so valid. In simple terms, I’m just being a dick. I like to think of myself as a people person, I understand people, I relate to people, I love people. The reality is that’s not true all of the time. Much like other people, I myself can be pretty selfish, surprise right? I never feel more ashamed in my life than when I “pre-judge” someone and later on end becoming friends with that person. I’m quick to pull the trigger on someone, quick to immediately think I know everything about someone off of one interaction. Ridiculous right? We do it all the time though, everyday. We will never grow as people, let alone a society if this way of thinking gets passed around.

So, back to spending the day with someone. Have you bought into yet? No? That’s okay, it’s not going to be easy. I know it wasn’t for me, I would much rather just be distrusting of people and drop them off at the dime of a hat if they don’t meet my “standards” of friendship or loyalty. Things will get better though when you spend the day with someone, you get to see different sides of them. Some you’ll like, some you’ll downright hate. Hey, no one ever said people were pretty. God knows you’re not. Over the years I’ve lived with different roommates, some were fun and some were not. Nevertheless, sometimes I would be really amazed at how open and vulnerable people will be when you’re around them for a long enough time. I don’t believe people have “good” or “bad sides” to them. I believe people at heart and by our very nature are good and loving human beings. Stop being naive and young Michael, I know that’s what you’re saying. Maybe, but I’m not ready to give up on people yet.

I think the world and life beats us down and after a while we slowly start to care less and less about happiness, we just care about making it another day. Life is brutal and unforgiving, I’ve had some pretty awful stuff happen to me. It’s hard to have hope or to stay happy, even as I write this I find I’m struggling to keep my joy. I have no reason to be sad or upset about anything, everything in my life is going great! Yet, I know life. I understand that at any minute it can all come crashing down on me without any warning. What a twisted and cynical way to live! I guess it’s the reason I chose to do stand up comedy ( I joke, I joke). You can’t live like that, I mean you can, but honestly who wants to. I guess the point I’m trying to get to after all this rambling and emotional vomiting on this post is, life is hard, for everyone, not just you. So don’t forget that when you’re around other people. Give them a chance, you never know. It could be the best thing that ever happened to you, or the worst ;).

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