A Moment Like This

“The greatest moments in history”. Notice how it doesn’t say, the greatest things that happened over the course of a couple of weeks in history. Life changing events, World Changing events. Those happen in moments, one minute your life is going by as normal, nothing new under the sun. Then BOOM, those dreams you’ve been praying for every night come true. Treasure those moments in your life defining moments that come, good or bad. They happened for a reason and its going to change your life.

              Nothings is new, but everything is relevant.

I can’t express to you how excited I was for 2014, I had all these plans, ideas, dreams! I knew exactly what I had to do and how I was going to do it. It would be calm, planned and organized. I hope you got a good giggle out of that, because as I’m sure you know better than anyone else, life doesn’t work that way. Never has, never will. I met an amazing lady this month, now were dating. I’m about to start an internship program, while still trying to maintain my normal job and make time for this awesome lady. This is not the way I pictured any of these things happening.

You can’t always get what you want , But if you try sometimes well you might find, You get what you need

Great song right? Such simple lyrics, but yet so powerful if you really just listen to it. Honestly, I love the stuff happening in my life right now. Trust me if I had a choice, I would have chosen not to have certain things happen just yet. I would have held somethings off until I felt I was ready for it. I wonder if George Washington was ready to become the first president of our nation, Was Jesus ready to go to the cross? I don’t believe any of us are really ready for any big change in our life.

                                                        Will you adapt? will you die?

Life never asked us to be ready, it asked us if were willing to change. I’m terrified of these new things happening in my life. 40 hours a week at my job already seems stressful enough, how am I going to handle working 60+ hours and try to maintain a healthy relationship? I want to run into a hole and cower under a rock, you know what that place is called under the rock? Complacency. If you find yourself under that rock, you might as well start picking out your outfit for your funeral. These important moments only come our way a handful of times in life, don’t let them slip by you. Your life will change, whether you like it or not.

   Complacency is just a fancy word for death.

Laugh until it hurts

Netflix is my best friend and my worst enemy, I recently started watching more documentaries. Probably a good decision since im trying to make my own. I stumbled upon a documentary called “Bully”. A documentary about bullies (duh). I didn’t really think much about it, so I turned it on and as the movie kept progressing, I realized how much this hit home for me. I had my fair share of being bullied and sadly I also bullied people myself. As I kept watching it made me thin more about life. It made me for lack of  a better term, sad. Two of my friends came over while I was in the middle of this heartbreaking film. Just as I thought, they started to feel the same way I was feeling. Then something happened, they cracked a joke.

A joke?! How could you joke while watching something so awful, stories of children killing themselves. Stories of rejection, heartache and loss. There is nothing funny about any of this. I’m sure if you were to walk up to any of those parents in that movie and crack a joke about their situation, they would clock you in the face. Humor has always been considered a mystery throughout the ages, different cultures will justify it with certain things, some say it’s a gift from god. Others will go into full detail of all the neurons going off in your brain and what causes your taste in humor. I believe humor is a survival intact, just like any other instinct. We need it to be part of our daily regimen to survive, just because someone passes away do you stop eating? If anything you indulge more to help you get thru it.

I’ve had my fair share of tragedy’s happen in my life, but I still consider my self a pretty joyful person. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a sense humor! I probably would have jumped off a bridge a long time ago. I meet so many people who don’t take time out of their day to laugh, they have more important things to do. Work, food, sleep, repeat, have you ever thought about making laughter a priority? Life can be so bleak sometimes, its hard to find something funny. Whenever I have friends over to watch a movie I generally aim towards the comedy section. Why the hell would I want to watch a drama? Every day I wake up I have drama, some days can be completely devoid of humor…unless I seek it out.

Pursue laughter by any means necessary, sacrifice that “perfect” dinner you wanted to cook for a night out with friends. Watch a stand up comedy instead of that dark new drama on tv. Laughter is like any other instinct you have in your body, it comes naturally. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, but trust me it lives and breathes inside of you. Next time something awful happens to you, just start laughing. Laugh when you don’t feel like it, laugh while you hurt. Most importantly, laugh until it hurts.

The Bad Years

One of my favorite actors is Robert Downey Jr., if you were to ask anyone about him. I’m sure the first words they would say would be something like “awesome, hysterical, Talented, Successful”. Robert Downey Jr. Is one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood right now. Every studio out there would fight to have him as their lead actor. But this wasn’t always so, between 1997-2001. Robert Downey Jr. was regarded as one of the most reckless, drug addicted actors on the market. No studio wanted to touch him, he was fired from the hit show “Ally Mcbeal” at the time. For five years, Robert Downey Jr. was addicted to drugs, thrown in jail and thrown off of one of the biggest tv shows of the 1990’s. Those were Bad years.

I could look back at some years in my life and just think “Wow, i have had much better days”. I had no idea how i survived those times, but here i am writing this and doing pretty well for myself. Everyone at some point has said they’ve had a bad morning,night,day,week. But not many people like to admit they’ve had bad years. Bad years happen to everyone, I’m sure some your favorite teams have had bad years. I believe im coming out of my bad years right now. I never held a job for more than six months, I always made excuses about why i was in the situation i was in. It was someone elses fault, I just wasn’t “feeling” that job anymore. I couldn’t save money because i wasn’t making enough. Not because i wanted to spend my money at the bar.

Bad things happen to everyone, whether it’s a loss of someone they loved, losing your job, your spouse left you. Bad things happen, but the sad part is that these “bad years” can last as long as you want them too. You have to decide to get back up on your feet and start your good years. They wont just come knocking at your door, you’ll stumble on the way to them, sometimes you think that good years are a thing of the past and things are just the way they are. Bad years can last a very long time if you allow them too. I know my good years are coming, i know that they’ll be better than the good years i had before, but i also know that bad years are inevitable. you need the bad years so that when the good years roll around, you’ll enjoy them more.

Don’t be scared of the bad years, if life has shown me anything, it’s when the bad years come around. Get excited, because that means there are some very good years up ahead of you. One day you’ll be the most bankable person, you’ll win the Superbowl you’ve been training so hard for. Don’t get lost in the bad years, what are five bad years compared to a life of eighty-five years?  If all else fails, remember someone once told Steve jobs that his ideas were crazy and would never catch on.

Distraction from the Giant

One of my favorite stories in the bible, is the story of David and the Goliath. When most people think of that story, they think of someone overcoming the odds and succeeding. That is one point of the story, but theirs another point of the story that most people don’t realize, and i believe it’s just as important as the other point of the story.  When David decided he was going to take on the giant, something happened. People started to look at him differently, Then they even started to say things to him, They tried to distract him

Making the decision to take on the giant isn’t really the hard part, It’s the walk thru the crowd that usually stops people dead in their tracks. People were telling David it was impossible, to not even try. How many times have you decided to do something in your life, you know what needs to get done and your on a mission. Then something gets in the way, people start to tell you its insane, you get sick, an unexpected bill shows up. Distractions, they show up more than we know. We say things like “life happens”, “sometimes you can’t avoid it”

Don’t lose sight of the giants in your life, remember they tower over everything else. David knew as he walking thru the crowd that he needed all his energy to take down the Goliath. When people started to shout things at him thru the crowd, he could have easily stopped and argued with them. But he kept on walking right by, David knew that he was going to need all his energy to stop the Goliath, he couldn’t be distracted

Whenever Ive decided to make a big change in my life or to start a big project, im always on my guard for distractions. I know how easy it is to be distracted. it comes in all shapes and sizes, I see the Goliath in my life. I know my limits, i know how much energy im going to need. Next time you start chasing the Goliath, don’t lose sight. Look above the crowd, they can yell, they can try to stop you. All you need to do is keep on walking by, there nothing more but mere distractions.

Trade In Value

I love video games, I’ve been a complete nerd my entire life (I would like to thank my parents). So now that the new Xbox and PlayStation systems have been announced, I’m obviously very excited about this. But it made me realize something, I have gone thru seven Xbox 360’s since they were first released way back in 2005. I always wanted to get the new updated system. More memory, sleeker design. Always a new perk, always a new reason to trade in the old one.

Now looking at the current Xbox i own, It’s not that good. Funny right? I spent so much effort trading in the old systems for the new ones, Now looking at it after all this time.  All the effort i put in to get the “new” system, wasn’t even worth it. I spent so much time trying to get the new system, i wasn’t appreciating the current system that I had. Maybe if i had for one second just stopped and realized “Wow, this is awesome, I didn’t pay for this, it works great and it has everything i need

It has everything i need. Such a powerful statement, how many times do you think you have to upgrade something in your life. But if you just stopped and appreciated everything you have, we would realize we don’t need to trade it in. Every time you trade something in for the new one. You have to Sacrifice something for it, it loses value. You put all this energy into something you don’t need. All you get in the end is wasted energy and bitterness at your current system.

Don’t be so quick to upgrade your life, the promotions, the dreams, the new system. Those things will come in time, enjoy the things you have now. Take care of them, appreciate them. You might end up realizing, that the old system you have, has more trade in value than any new system out there.

Keeping The Pace

      I was never really athletic when i was younger, I was always in that awkward phase. I was never really fat but i was never really skinny. So i decided i would join the new trend and start working out, Needless to say i fell in love with it.

But there was always something that bothered me. I sucked at running, no matter how many hours i spent on a treadmill, i sucked. So i decided ill start running outside, that will help right? Fresh air will be good for me, that’s why i cant run for a long period of time! NOPE, now im just embarrassing myself in public. Confused and frustrated i stopped running.

Why couldn’t i run as long as everyone else? What was i doing wrong! i ran three days a week. Maybe i was never meant to be a long distance runner. I accepted my fate and just kept going along. Running, stopping, running, stopping. Life isn’t always fair, There will always be people who can run farther than you. I’m twenty-two years old, turning twenty-three and i am currently not doing anything with my life that i want to do.

I see people who are younger than me who are more successful than i am. Their not in debt, they’re getting the big breaks, they found the person they want to be with the rest of their life. I see them so far ahead of me, im struggling to keep up with them, but there just running at their own pace, Barely breaking a sweat.

I keep getting up every day and i run. I sprint as fast as i can hoping i can catch up. always finding myself out of breath, in pain. I know I’ve been running just as long as these other people have, if not longer. Something was missing and i had to find out what it was. A good friend of mine asked me to run with her, i noticed what a good runner she was. So i humbled myself and i asked her for some advice, what was i doing wrong? Her response “You need to slow down, run at your own pace”. Slow down? That’s insane.

If i slow down everyone else will fly right by me! But hey my way wasn’t working, so what the hell, its worth a shot. So i slowed down my pace, i kept running. Then something strange happened, i kept running. My legs didn’t hurt, my breathing was calm, I just kept going. I started passing people who i saw ahead of me. I still had all this energy, i just kept running,running and running. I didn’t STOP. I ran four miles straight without stopping. I could barely make it a mile without stopping the week before!

Sometimes We think we need to be where  everyone else is, so we wear ourselves out trying to get there. But if we just slow down, take the time to enjoy everything around us. instead of constantly looking ahead, we could see the things we’ve already passed, we would notice how much farther we can go when keep at out own pace. You wont be worn out, you wont feel like giving up. You wont even break a sweat